Serena van der woodsen outfits school

There is the mystery of trying to figure out who was blogging. There is love story after love story, all starring very attractive people. And, of course, there is the fashion. Her lifestyle and personality both made for some very memorable outfits over the years.

serena van der woodsen outfits school

Check out her very best. At the beginning of the series, Serena was spotted at Grand Central Station, returning home after disappearing, and she was wearing one of these signature jackets.

She paired it with a striped top and a handkerchief tied around her neck. Serena also had a more fitted one that she wore over her school uniform in order to add some personality and an extra layer of warmth.

Both were fabulous pieces. Serena was very into fashion, and she was able to afford the trendiest clothing items out there. Her personality was full of spunk and energy, so while her best friend Blair dressed in a more polished and preppy way, Serena had more eclectic and boho outfits, like this one.

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There is lace, pleats, high heels, a statement necklace, a big bag, and to top it all off, there is a furry vest. This is a perfect example of one of Serena's classic all-purpose outfits. She could have worn this to an event or hanging out at home, to work or while shopping, and she would have looked both cool and chic.

18 Serena Outfits Every 'Gossip Girl' Fan Tried To Emulate

Her closet clearly never, ever allowed for her to repeat accessories. For instance, everyone remembers this gold blazer, which was a show-stopping piece that, once again, was professional but also festive and unique. If Blair were to have worn this pink dress that Serena was wearing, it would have been styled in a completely different way. There would have been tights, a headband, classy jewelry and an up-do. For Serena van der Woodsen, though, it needed to be accessorized in a truly original way.

And she is surely carrying another huge purse as well. Again, some may say it is too much, but for Serena, it was terrific. It gets very cold in New York, and these characters were always rushing out to glamorous functions. Therefore, they needed to look their best at all times.

For Serena, that meant a gray and urban ensemble. That coat was such a smart staple piece. Those layers looked beautiful on her. The knee-high boots made her long legs somehow look even longer.

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They all looked very refined in their plaid-based uniforms, but students could add their own unique touches. Serena paired a cool vest with a loose tie, and then she wore these awesome boots. If everyone looked like this in a uniform, more people would probably want to switch to a private education. Of course, there was this gold gown.

The sweetheart neckline was very attractive on her. The tufts at the bottom took this from a very pretty dress to an outstanding one. Everyone who has seen this TV show knows about this fashion moment, and it is definitely a scene that belongs high up on this list.

On a similar note, there was this gray dress, which was shown in a moment that stands out to fans, even after all these years. There is just so much to love here. The color was this one-of-a-kind shade that was as special as Serena herself.I get tons of emails from readers asking where the Gossip Girl characters get their clothes, and how they can find similar outfits, so I decided to write an article series about it.

Serena is also my favorite character on the show, so of course I wanted to start with her. Like her style icon Ms. Serena is pretty much always wearing a jacket. While of course jackets are a must for Manhattan in the winter, they are still definitely one of her signature looks. Serena has quite a collection of every type of jacket: long, short, cropped, leather, wool and everything in between!

She wears them in every color, too: bright colors like red and gold, muted shades like gray, and earth tones like camel and brown. If you want to wear a jacket like Serena does, the cut is everything. A Kate Moss staple, Serena wore skinny jeans in many episodes this season.

If you have great legs like Blake Lively, show them off with a pair of skinnies before they go out of style! To get this look, try to find dresses that have something unexpected about them: studs, sequins, patterns, or a pretty design.

Serena usually wears mini dresses, so if you have the legs for it, wear one with some black or sparkly tights and fabulous shoes. Some of her favorites are below:.

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Serena has lots of necklaces, and it seems like she is always wearing one or a few of them! Her necklaces are usually long, hitting above her belly button, and she layers them for a bohemian look. If you want to find amazing and unique necklaces at low prices, search for some on Etsyor EBayor try making your own! Next, take a 1. Finish your hair with light hold hairspray, tousle and go. They have many of the designer looks seen on Gossip Girl that you can buy online! If you can call it that.These are dark times, you guys.

And, okay, maybe it is time to throw in the towel, because any sense of rational plot has been out the window since season three… but still. This is the end of an era. Played by the gorgeous Blake LivelySerena is the master of mixing classic pieces with eclectic shapes and textures.

On to the outfits! Girl sure knows how to travel in style.

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Black skinny jeans and a yellow scarf update this classic look. Accessorize with the basics, like a deep chestnut satchel and a matching belt. Slouchy suede boots complete this polished and casual look. Ah, Constance. Did you even have a uniform policy? Though each character managed to add their own personal twist to the prep school dress code, Serena always took things to the next level. Either way, her effortless charm was kind of fabulous.

Very bad-girl-gone-good. Accessorize with classic staples like a bright, structured bag and brown riding boots, adding a touch of sparkle with a pair of gold spiked bangles.

Complete the look with a tie, of course. Go full-on Serena and wear it like a necklace, or wrap it around your hair like a headband. I bet even B would be jealous.

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But if I had to pick her most stunning formal moment? The white party. Definitely the white party.

serena van der woodsen outfits school

Honestly, she might as well be a living goddess. Add gold gladiator sandals for an even more goddess-like look. Glam up your hair with gold hair necklace. Remember when those were all the rage?

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Finally, keep your accessories glittery but classic — a stack of sparkly bangles, a sequined clutch and pearly-gold earrings complete this jaw-dropping look. By season four, Serena abandoned her disheveled schoolgirl wardrobe in favor of a closet full of classic, bold statement pieces. And oh, how we loved every moment of it! Except maybe for this. Fashion-wise, Serena had finally come into her own. These days, clean lines and dramatic silhouettes are no problem for her — the girl is a statuesque stunner and she owns every moment of it.

Nude pumps and an ivory-tone cross-body bag add polish, while spike earrings and an embellished cuff add high fashion flair. Are you excited for the GG finale? I thought the outfit you chose was a little over-the-top when I first saw it, kind of reminded me of a bizarre superhero costume.

But statement-making is very Serena! But Serena always looks great.Thirteen years ago, Gossip Girl changed television—and our wardrobes forever.

Most fans still have their fair share of Gossip Girl outfits in their closets—ones that make them feel like a true Upper East Sider when they break them out. All of which must be paired with a Blair Waldorf—approved headband, of course. It's true, the premiere of Gossip Girl officially happened more than a decade ago—and though we often think about the Manhattan-centric and occasionally Brooklyn-based plot lines, love triangles, and other over-the-top events that filled nearly every episode in its six-season run, we're still reeling from some of the iconic Gossip Girl fashion moments.

Waldorf inspired a generation with her capes, coats, and signature headbands, while Serena van der Woodsen took the opposite route in free-spirited dresses and dangly bohemian jewelry. It didn't take long for viewers to become obsessed with each character's signature style. So many designers contributed pieces to the show that former Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman told Fashionista"Blair never repeated a headband in six seasons, and Serena never wore the same pair of shoes or carried the same bag.

As with all fashion, some looks have aged better than others. We can't see ourselves marching down Fifth Avenue in rainbow-bright tights anytime soon—sorry, Blair and fellow Constance girls. Years later, though, some of the gala gowns and tricked-out school uniforms worn by this very privileged group of New York teens still feel fresh today. So in honor of one of the most stylish television series of all time, check out 18 Gossip Girl outfits that would look as chic on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art today as they did in —along with some items you can actually buy in All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors.

However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Spotted: Serena van der Woodsen's first ensemble from the series—which also happens to be one of her most timeless looks to date.

And if you look closely, you'll notice that S. Clearly, Gossip Girl was on to the bandanna-as-necktie look long before we were. Blair's green scarf nicely complements her "Can you tell I'm headed for the Hamptons" dress. Overall, the entire nautical theme at work here is perpetually perfect for spring. The only thing that could possibly be let go is that white belt. Matching your best friend never goes out of style. Not to mention these open-back sheaths and metallic pumps are on par with current trends—though, sadly, we can't buy their exact Eleanor Waldorf originals.

serena van der woodsen outfits school

But there's absolutely no reason you couldn't wear these looks in and look perfectly in style.Her jewellery game: Serena always wore the glitziest, most bohemian necklaces and bracelets, often all layered over each other at once. But for some reason, when we tried to copy this look, it ended up looking less luxe hippy and more like we'd robbed the discount jewellery store at our local shopping mall.

Her platform heels: Remember when these skyscraper-tall Louboutins were the shoe to own? Entirely impractical and entirely too high to wear in everyday life, and yet we all had at least on pair in our closets thanks to Serena.

Her and Blair's matching dress moment: Hands up if you and your best friend sought out matching red and blue pencil dresses for an impromptu city photo shoot, just because Blair and Serena did it? Her brogues: Somehow, possibly thanks to her endlessly long legs, Serena managed to make the typically unflattering brogue look high-fashion, wearing them with everything from tailored shorts to summer sundresses. Her coats: Serena's coat collection was second to none, and a real highlight was this camel-coloured, double-breasted number.

THAT orange dress: Remember when a moody, rebellious Serena tried to get her absent dad's attention by commandeering a horse at a polo event and riding it off with paparazzi photographers trailing behind? Yeah, she did that in this dress. This glitzy daytime brunch outfit: Because bright blue pants and a gold sequinned blazer are the perfect attire for eating pancakes. Her Hamptons beach kaftan: Because you're not really on holiday unless you're wearing an embellished silk dress in degree heat.

Her Cotillion dress: We wished our school formal look was as epic as this gold brocade gown from Pamela Dennis. Her collegiate look: This look screams 'I'm deferring my first year but I still want you to know I'm smart enough to get into Brown'.

Her fishtail braid and cut-out evening dress: This hairstyle was honestly our dream 'do in the mids. And Serena may have single-handedly spearheaded the cut-out dress trend. Her school uniform: Despite Australia's far more strict uniform standards, Serena's school attire inspired plenty of us to loosen our ties, un-tuck our shirts, wear our hair tousled and opt for preppy knee-high socks. Her white party look: This was a landmark episode, not only for its romantic drama, but also for its enviable fashion.

Everyone from Topshop to Forever New had a version of Serena's white maxi dress. Her 'I'm a grown up' gown: Remember when Serena disappeared for weeks, only to turn up in the country home of her dashing new boyfriend, playing house and acting like she was closer to 40 than 20? This tie-dye dress was how she chose to show her friends she was a new woman, and we wanted our own immediately. If you're a '90s baby, chances are your teenage years were dominated by Gossip Girlthat ridiculously glamorous and far-fetched drama about the lives of New York's elite.

While it might have been entirely unrealistic about teenagers' social lives and wardrobes, it was the perfect form of escapism from your year 12 homework, and now a whole other generation of teens are being exposed to it via the wonder that is Netflix. At the heart of the show's inherent extravagance was the character of Serena Van Der Woodsen played by Blake Livelya model-esque blonde with an apparently endless designer clothing budget, the best hair we've ever seen and an ability to pull off even the most eccentric of outfits.All products featured on Vogue are independently selected by our editors.

However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Paging imaginary alumni of Constance Billard School for Girls! It seems that those phantoms halls, prowled by the likes of Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf, will once again ring with the peals of nasty laugher, the whispers of scandalous secrets.

Can lightning strike twice? How much fun can we expect to have? And perhaps most importantly, what will this new cast wear? Because we certainly remember what the original characters wore—in fact, having undertaken a brief survey of Vogue.

Will the fashions in the reboot engender similar fierce loyalty? Who knows. In the meantime, there is good news: It turns out you can still resurrect the original GG looks, even if high school is now a distant bad!

Here, our roster of GG -worthy fashions:.

serena van der woodsen outfits school

Shop Now. Sign up for our weekly shopping newsletter, The Get! The best products, from fashion to beauty to home, curated for you by Vogue's editors.Serena Van der Woodsen's dating history is complicated, to say the very least. Since the dissolution of her relationship with Dan in season one, she dated two former teachers, two con artists, a married politician, three of her friends' exes, and a handful of fairly normal guys relative to Gossip Girl.

Like her mother before her, Serena kept a swiftly revolving door of partners, and she liked to mix things up. Ben was Serena's teacher when she was a boarding school student and a minor. The two have feelings for each other, and he's really creepy and inappropriate about it. Ben and his sister, Juliet, hatch a plan to ruin Serena's life, and they nearly succeed.

26 of Serena van der Woodsen's most iconic outfits on ‘Gossip Girl’

When Serena finds out what Lily has done, she tells the truth and gets Ben released from prison, and the two start dating. The two date pretty briefly before it's clear that it can't ever really go anywhere. Serena doesn't see any red flags in a guy who supposedly ditched his girlfriend for her friend she brought on vacation with them, and they start a relationship.

It's all a scam, and it's revealed that Poppy had been in on it from the beginning and they planned to use Serena's rich connections to steal some money. Serena and Tripp start having feelings for each other while she's working on his campaign. Oh, and he's married, so there's that. He tells Serena he'll leave his wife, and they take off together. His wife catches up to them and proposes that they keep their affair a secret to avoid the public scandal of a divorce.

Serena refuses, but Tripp accepts. If that wasn't enough to end things between them, they get into a car accident on their way back to New York, and Tripp ditches an injured and unconscious Serena in the car. In season two, Serena starts dating Aaron Rose son of the far more interesting Cyrusseemingly for something to do. The only emotion he shows is mild annoyance when Serena dares to assume that they're exclusive before he decides that they are.

There's really not much to say about this relationship, as he basically serves as a bargaining tool for Serena to try to get Dan to admit he still loves her. Things go fairly smoothly for them until Georgina shows up with a video of Serena sort of killing someone, which she uses as blackmail.

To cover this up, Serena strings together a series of lies that create distance in her relationship. Dan breaks up with her after realizing he can't trust her. They get back together a few months later, but the reunion is short-lived, since Dan still can't get over the fact that she's super-rich and he's only kind of rich.

Rating Serena van der Woodsen's Outfits :) - Gossip Girl

They almost get back together again, but finding out they share a sibling throws some cold water on that pretty quickly. By the time season five rolls around, this is apparently forgotten, and Serena still isn't over her feelings for Dan, who's given up on her and is in love with Blair. Serena gives them her blessing, but apparently giving one of Blair's relationships her blessing means sleeping with the guy on a very specific hotel bar.

Dan and Serena hook up when it becomes clear that Blair will choose Chuck over him, but Dan still doesn't love Serena. He spends most of season six trying to get Blair back, but when she finds out he cheated on her with Serena she tells him it's really over for good.

He and Serena get back together because hey, why not. Dan tells Serena he's been Gossip Girl all along, which she thinks is incredibly romantic, and they get married in the time jump in the series finale. Serena meets Colin Forrester when he's stealing her taxi every morning for his various one night stands. Finding out that he's a professor at Columbia, where she goes to school, complicates things, but they try to make it work. This relationship came in the middle of the Dan vs.

Nate debacle, and Serena sort of used Colin as a distraction from her inability to choose between the two guys she really cared about. Serena's cousin Charlie, who's really an actress named Ivy, and not related to Serena at all, comes to New York with Serena in season five. Ivy leaves behind a boyfriend Max, who can't understand why his serious girlfriend would pack up and leave so suddenly.

He shows up in New York looking for Ivy and meets Serena. The two date very briefly, but break up when Ivy tells everyone Max is a crazy liar in order to cover up the truth.

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